5 Things Your Body (and Brain) Need

Simple choices can go a long way to help boost your brain power, boost your immune system, and boost your energy for the holidays ahead.

1. A 10 minute walk

Studies have shown that just ten minutes of walking can help reduce tension, depression, anger, or confusion. When things get a little tense, remember the power of a 10- minute walk.

A ten minute walk can also stimulate your brain and help you stay on task and be more productive.

A few minutes of moving can wake up your fat burning enzyme “lipoprotein lipase.” When you sit for more than 20 minutes, your fat burning enzyme goes to sleep. Get up and move around for just a couple of minutes to “wake up” the fat burning enzyme and get it back its job of burning fat.

Take a short walk inside or outside, up and down the stairs or just walk in place right there at your desk or in your home. Your brain will be refreshed and your body will get back to burning fat!

 2. A time to relax

Get enough sleep. This is a big secret to controlling your appetite. Without enough sleep your stress and appetite hormones may be elevated the next day which means you may be more driven to eat sweets and snack foods.

You know that you can handle so much more when you have had a good night’s sleep. Your brain is sharper, you have more energy (so you don’t need the boost of caffeine or sugar) and you are probably a little nicer to be around.

 3. A refreshing drink

Drink water and give your body a bath on the inside. Your cells are thirsty for clean, clear, refreshing water. Ditch the high calorie drinks and learn to quench your thirst with the best choice – water. Add a twist of lemon or lime. For a refreshing taste, try adding sliced oranges and fresh thyme to your water.

A hot herb tea is a great way to end your meal. Push away from the table, sip and relax.

4. A deep breath

Take a few short minutes to sit back and just breathe deeply to calm your stress and energize your body and brain. Put your hand on your belly. Breathe so that as you take a breath your belly moves up and as you exhale it moves down – just like a baby breathes. Do this for just 2-3 minutes and notice how relaxed you feel!

 5. A plate of color

Enjoy a rainbow on your plate – a rainbow of colors. Each color – red, purple, yellow, orange, green – provide rich phytochemicals that protect your cells from damage and if they are damaged, help repair the damage. Don’t miss out on the delicious taste and protective value of eating a plateful of color. Fresh fruits and vegetables add great color, flavor, and power to your meal.


–Evelyn Kissinger, RD

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