New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions. They don’t last very long, do they? I’m sure we all have started off our year with high hopes, lofty promises— “I’m going to loose 20 pounds, exercise every day, eat healthy food…”

But then, somehow, we forget. For some of us those the resolutions don’t last longer then the ink drying on the paper.

We aren’t alone. According to Forbes, only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions. That’s 92% of the population that don’t follow through on what they planned on.

Why? Because more often then not, the changes made were short term, goal oriented, “when I loose 10 pounds, I can go back…” But that type of thinking doesn’t last. Long term success, requires long term planning. We need to instill within ourselves new habits, new thought patterns, a whole new outlook on life.

Make a lifestyle change, not just a resolution.

Is it easy? No, but the results are astounding. Those who follow a healthy lifestyle, discover that their goals are not only attained, but last for many years—often the rest of their lives.

So how does one attain this? We believe there are three critical pieces to achieving long term success.

  1. Total immersion
  2. Integration
  3. Follow-up

Renové Health is based around these three things. For 1 week we completely immerse you in a healthy lifestyle. During the second week, if you are in the full retreat, we help you integrate your new lifestyle in your home. Finally, we make sure you have support you need after graduation. Whether it is alumni programs, online workshops,  or through other avenues, we will be there to make sure you keep being the new, healthier you.

Why not make this the year your health resolutions last?



President, Renové Health


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