Why Renové Health?

As we watch this generation of baby boomers enter into retirement with multiple chronic diseases preventable through lifestyle, we asked ourselves, “How can we change the outcome for the next generation?”

In the summer of 2013, a small group began brainstorming. How could we provide a lifestyle retreat to the working professional? How could we offer a retreat that allows guests to experiment with the new life and return within a few days to rehash ideas and debrief with us about their struggles implementing change?

In summer of 2014, Renové Health, pronounced “ren-oh-vey”, became a reality. Renové in Portuguese, means to renew. The name seemed to describe perfectly what we would like to see in the world: renewed health!

One conversation led to another. Everybody knows somebody. The team began to form along with opportunities to launch a pilot program in Michigan: the Mini-Health Retreat.

A team of elite health and wellness professionals combined with a group of non-health professionals dreaming of a better world to create Renové Health. We are thrilled to see the health revolution continue developing around the world. In the summer of 2015, it will be in Michigan. Join us!