The Renové Health Retreat

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    Reboot. Renew. Revive

    Is your life burdened by diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or lack of energy?

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    The Renové Health Retreat

    In Just 1-week, our team of experts are committed to help you reboot your lifestyle and teach you life-changing strategies for better health.

    Immerse yourself in the ideal lifestyle, as you enjoy delicious food, invigorating exercise, and practical education.

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    We Help You Achieve your Health Goals

    As you eat delicious food, walk around the lack on the board walk, breath in the fresh air, and learn how to take better care of you body, you will begin to learn how you can achieve optimum health.

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    Starts May 8, 2016

    The Renové Health retreat will start May 8, 2016 and runs till May 15. Come and learn how to take better care of your body. Register today and save 20%!

What is the Renové Health Retreat?

Come for a week of health and rejuvenation on 800 beautiful acres of Camp AuSable. Stroll around the lake, hike in the woods, relax in your cabin, eat delicious food, and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.
The program includes a lab blood work-up, exercise classes, delicious food, practical cooking classes, and cutting-edge health classes for learning and  customizing a program just for you.
Our health professionals will help you craft a personalized health program. Experienced physician, dietitians, therapists, and chefs bring years of expertise to lead you on your journey toward optimal health.
Follow-up online programs and resources will  help keep you inspired, motivated, and successful.

Expert Team

Dena Guthrie

David Barroso

Evelyn Kissinger

Mark Ranzinger

Vicki Griffin


Renové Health, Inc. is a company that is passionate about educating the public on the keys of how to live a long, energetic, happy life. Using the latest scientific information in an easy and motivational format, people are encouraged to make informed decisions when taking charge of their health.